The Standard Model military SYMBOL MAP and the real battlefields

Book-151 analysis report by Herb Zinser  looks at some SCIENCE WAR atomic physics and chemistry codes embedded as subsets within the larger text of  science fiction book …which is ….  for those in the know … a modern SYMBOL MACHINE military  manual  …. in the year 2015 wars to control languages and schools of thought ………. like

16 Sep 2015

The Bose-Einstein condensate of oceanography salt water is DEATH at Cole Hall

RD-blog-number-6177 by Herb Zinser reviews the Bose-Einstein condensate process applied to social engineering  systems AND the Bose-Einstein feedback control ERROR messages that are in tragic signaling format.   First, let’s look at another blog post that outlines some situtations. The Bose-Einstein color node battle at the Century 16 movie theater in Aurora, Colorado Rd-blog-number-6176 by

29 Aug 2015

The EARTH copper electricity juice WAR usage of the copper open pit mine … geometric miltary shape

RD-blog-number-6136 by Herb Zinser reviews the various battles on the EARTH surface as Nature’s military systems fight to regain control of  EARTH resources.   EARTH geometry configuration WAR and the copper open pit mine miltary shape  …. copper electricity circuits VERSUS  the citizen approval of Federal and State government  ELECTRIC chair  ….. brain electron circuit

07 Aug 2015

The White Sands EARTH defense system explains murder of EARTH BOY Sam Hengel

Rd-blog-number 5932 by Herb Zinser reviews the SYMBOL MACHINE language wars over EARTH LANGUAGE communications ERRORS  (keywords ..  earth geography land land …  sand ..clay) …… a consequence  of the intellectual ERRORS was the shooting at Sandy HOOK elementary school in Connecticut and the connected murder in the Wisconsin sand agriculture region  …. the

17 Jul 2015

The Waukesha carbon dioxide molecular WAR results in the death of James Lutz

Rd-blog-number-5747 by Herb Zinser reviews the database of James Lutz of Waukesha who was killed during a bank robbery. Now, in view of the SCIENCE WARS  and other tragic signaling events  …. we view the James Lutz EVENT database   … in the context of information available in year 2015…. via basic college math and

02 Jun 2015

The Adrian Brown beer fermentation equation of Henry Louis Gates and President Obama

RD-blog-number-5653 by Herb Zinser   Let’s look at another  blog post that provides some data about some events.  Then we shall look at the event  … atomic flowchart ….atomic level –> biochemistry level –> street level REALITY with human activities, expressions, and tragic signaling EVENTS. Finally, we look at the beer drinking signal in Washington,

22 May 2015

The EARTH Nikola Tesla vibrations WAR TRIAL in Boston of atomic agent –> Tsarnaev

RD-blog-number-5080  by Herb Zinser reviews the Tesla vibration war on EARTH and the Tesla virus (T-virus). The signaling  event that provides data on the T-virus …..   Boston Marathon bombings The Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent related shootings were a series of attacks and incidents which began on April 15, 2013, when two pressure cooker

18 Apr 2015

The Zwitterion molecule structure joins the Z-axis math military alliance

Rd-blog-number-4544 by Herb Zinser reviews the  SCIENCE WARS and the Z-axis math military alliance  and its new ally …..   the Zwitterion molecule structure THOUGHT FORCES  replacing the defeated Princeton university INTELLECTUAL team with Edward Witten. Edward Witten – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wikipedia Edward Witten is an American theoretical physicist and professor of

01 Apr 2015

FermiLAB ferrous oxide atomic FOWL electron play results in Jeffery Fowle’s problems

Rd-blog-number-1233 by Herb Zinser reviews  the EARTH communications systems   CREATED  Jeffery Fowle information database  to understand the Department of Energy  LANGUAGE  manipulation problems  that  provides  biased, distorted, and  inaccurate information to the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family located at  FermiLAB, Batavia, Illinois –> intials –>  FBI  operations at  Nature’s atomic existential level of  REALITY.

19 Dec 2014

The social chemistry VALENCE trial

RD-blog-number-3837C   by Herb Zinser. Let’s look at chemistry molecule expression devices   … 2-legged humanoids  and their signaling EVENTs    … data messages for researchers. Let’s look at one such EVENT.   Search Results Armin Wand III sentenced to three consecutive life sentences…/crime…/armin–wand…/article_f5… The Daily Cardinal Apr 17, 2013 – Armin G. Wand III,

09 Sep 2014
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